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Ep. 118: Jeroboam’s Sin

Jeroboam chose the city of Shechem to be the capital of Israel. He built it up and put his palace there.

Ep. 117: The Kingdom Divided

When Solomon was alive, he promoted one of his servants, named Jeroboam. He had a unique ability of getting things done. One day Jeroboam met a prophet, who was wearing a new coat. The prophet said, “Here is a message from God.”

Ep. 116: Queen of Sheba

The queen of Sheba heard about the great wisdom of King Solomon. She couldn’t believe it was true. So she decided to go and test him with a list of hard questions.

Ep. 115: Building the Temple

Solomon knew it was his responsibility to build the Temple of the Lord. Therefore, he gathered a large work force and provided them all the materials they needed. He got cedar from King Hiram of Lebanon, who had been a friend of David, his father.

Ep. 114: Solomon’s Wisdom

Solomon loved the Lord and tried to follow the example of his father David. One day, he went to Gibeon and sacrificed 1,000 burnt offerings upon the altar. That night God appeared to him in a dream. “What do you want me to give you?”

Ep. 113: Death of David and Joab

Before David died, he gave Solomon instructions on how he should rule as king. He said, “To be successful, you must be strong and brave, and always walk in the ways of God’s commandments.

Ep. 112: Transfer of Power

When David became old and frail, he was always cold. Covering him with blankets didn’t help. Finally they decided to provide him with a nurse that would sleep with him. They found a beautiful virgin and she was his constant nurse. She slept with him, but they didn’t have sex.