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Ep. 110: Ethnic Cleansing

A famine hit the land of Israel. At first, David thought it was a natural event until it lasted for three years. He then realized the famine was from God. So he asked the Lord about it. God said, “It is because of what Saul did to the Gibeonites.”

Ep. 095: Death of Saul & Jonathan

The war between the Philistines and Israel was fierce. Many Israelites died and the others ran from the battlefield. Three of Saul’s sons were killed, including Jonathan. An arrow hit Saul and he knew he was about to die. He turned to the man who carried his armor. “Pull out your sword and kill me.…
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Ep. 094: Witch of Endor

The Philistines started their massive invasion of Israel. They entered the land and set up camp. Saul gathered his army and made preparations for war. His body shook with fear when he saw how large the Philistine army was. He asked the Lord for guidance, but God didn’t talk to him. All was silent. There…
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Ep. 093: Staying by the Stuff

As the Philistines started making plans to invade Israel, their king said to David, “You’ll march with me. I want you and your men to be my personal bodyguards.” David said, “Good, now you’ll be able to see what my men and I can do.” All the military units went to a place where they…
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Ep. 092: Sparing God’s Anointed

Saul once again took 3,000 of his best warriors and went after David. That night they set up camp beside the road. David heard where they were, so he went there during the night. Saul was asleep in the middle of the camp with his men circled around him. Next to him was Abner, the…
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Ep. 091: Abigail

David and his men lived in the same area as a rich herdsman named Nabal, a descendant of Caleb. He was known to be mean and harsh, but he had a beautiful wife who was much more practical in how she dealt with others. Her name was Abigail. Having David’s army in the area was…
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Ep. 090: Corner of Saul’s Robe

Saul started chasing David from place to place. At one point, they came to a large rock formation. David and his men were on one side, and Saul’s army was on the other. If Saul had gone a little farther, he would’ve seen David and been able to get him. Just then a messenger went…
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Ep. 089: Running from Saul

David escaped from Saul with only a few men to help him. They went to Ahimelech, the priest who was in charge of the Ark of God. The priest said, “Why are you here?” “The king sent me on a special mission. He told me not to tell anyone about where I’m going. I left…
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Ep. 088: Three Arrows

David said, “Jonathan, why is your father trying to kill me? What have I done?” He said, “The king doesn’t want to kill you. I would know about it if he did. He doesn’t hide anything from me.” David said, “As sure as there is a God, and as sure as you’re alive, your father…
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Ep. 087: Protecting David

Saul wanted David dead. So he told his servants and Jonathan to find him and kill him. Jonathan rushed and told David, “Go and hide. I’ll talk to my father and see if I can reason with him. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.” Jonathan talked to his father and told him that David…
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