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Ep. 145: Jonah and the Vine

Once again, God said to Jonah, “Leave right now and go to Nineveh. You’re to tell them I’m going to judge them because of their wickedness.” This time, Jonah immediately got up and went to Nineveh.

Ep. 134: Naaman

Naaman was the commander of the Syrian army. He was a brave warrior and led his men to win many victories. His king considered him a great man. During one of their wars with Israel, he captured a young girl and brought her back to be a servant for his wife.

Ep. 133: Shunammite Woman

Elisha traveled to a town called Shunem. A prominent woman provided a meal for him. She then gave him an invitation to eat at their home whenever he was in their town.

Ep. 132: Oil, Stew, Bread and an Ax

Elisha was in charge of the school of the prophets. There are several miracles associated with that group of young men.

Ep. 131: Ditches of Water

For many years, Moab was controlled by Israel and paid them high taxes. When Ahab died, the king of Moab refused to pay Israel any more taxes.

Ep. 129: Captain of 50

After Ahab died, his son Ahaziah became king of Israel. A short time later, he broke through a wooden rail and fell to the ground from the second floor of his house. His was seriously injured, so he said to his servants. “Go ask the god Baal-zebub if I’ll recover from this.”

Ep. 128: Jehoshaphat’s Victory

Jehoshaphat was 35 years old when he became king of Judah. He ruled for 25 years. He set up an educational system, established justice in the land, and reformed the legal system.

Ep. 127: Jehoshaphat and Ahab

After Asa died, his son Jehoshaphat became king of Judah. The Lord was with him, and he followed the example of King David.

Ep. 126: Naboth’s Vineyard

In the town of Jezreel, a man named Naboth owned a vineyard next to the palace of King Ahab. The king told Naboth he wanted to buy the vineyard and make it into a vegetable garden. He said, “I’ll pay you full value in silver, or if you prefer, I’ll give you a better vineyard…
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Ep. 125: The Wounded Prophet

The king of Syria invaded Israel and marched his army against Samaria. He sent a message to King Ahab saying, “Give me your silver and gold. I also want your wives and sons.”