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Ep. 051: Balaam’s Prophecy

When Balaam arrived in Moab, King Balak said, “What took you so long? I said I’d make you a rich man. Didn’t you believe me?” Balaam said, “I’m here now, but understand. I can only say what God tells me to say.” So Balak took Balaam onto a high cliff overlooking the entire camp of…
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Ep. 050: Balaam’s Donkey

The Israelites camped in the valley of Moab, next to the Jordan River across from Jericho. The king of Moab was a man named Balak. He was terrified when he saw the great mass of people in his valley. He had heard what they’d done to other kings. He said to the Midianites, “These people…
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Ep. 048: Korah’s Rebellion

As Israel went back into the wilderness, four men decided to set things straight concerning Moses and Aaron. The leader was Korah, from the tribe of Levi. They formed a group of two hundred fifty prominent men and went to Moses. They said, “You’ve taken your authority too far. We’re a holy nation. The Lord…
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Ep. 047: Twelve Spies

When the Israelites arrived at the border of Canaan, God said to Moses, “Send twelve men to search out the land.” So Moses selected one man from each tribe of Israel. He told them to go into the land and bring back information about the people and their cities. He also told them to bring…
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