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Ep. 099: Moving the Ark

The Ark of God had been ignored during Saul’s reign as king. So David decided to bring it to his new capital. He sent a message throughout Israel inviting them to come join him for this great event. The people agreed that this was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow God’s instructions…
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Ep. 045: Graves of the Craving

As the people of Israel traveled toward Canaan, they started complaining about the food. They said, “All we have to eat is this manna. We miss the meat and the fish and the vegetables we had in Egypt.” The grumbling spread from family to family, until Moses could hear it from every tent. In frustration…
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Ep. 039: What Is It?

The people of Israel walked through the Rea Sea on dry ground. Then God killed the Egyptian army when they tried to cross. From there, Moses led the people into the wilderness, toward Mount Sinai. They traveled for three days without finding water. They finally came to a pool, but it was undrinkable. The people…
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