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Ep. 120: Rehoboam and Jeroboam

One of the sons of Jeroboam became sick. The king said to his wife, “When I was a servant of Solomon, a prophet told me that I’d become king of the northern ten tribes of Israel. He lives in Shiloh. Take him gifts of food and ask him what will happen to our son. Put…
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Ep. 119: The Old Prophet

There was an old prophet living at Bethel. His sons told him about the young man of God from Judah, and what he had done at Jeroboam’s altar. The old prophet said, “Which way did he go?”

Ep. 118: Jeroboam’s Sin

Jeroboam chose the city of Shechem to be the capital of Israel. He built it up and put his palace there.

Ep. 117: The Kingdom Divided

When Solomon was alive, he promoted one of his servants, named Jeroboam. He had a unique ability of getting things done. One day Jeroboam met a prophet, who was wearing a new coat. The prophet said, “Here is a message from God.”