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Equiping You to Share the Gospel of Christ

Ep. 135: Gehazi

After Naaman was healed at the Jordan River, he and his men went back to the prophet’s house and stood before him. Naaman said, “Today I’ve learned, and now know, that there’s no god on earth except the God of Israel. Please accept my humble gift.”

Ep. 134: Naaman

Naaman was the commander of the Syrian army. He was a brave warrior and led his men to win many victories. His king considered him a great man. During one of their wars with Israel, he captured a young girl and brought her back to be a servant for his wife.

Ep. 133: Shunammite Woman

Elisha traveled to a town called Shunem. A prominent woman provided a meal for him. She then gave him an invitation to eat at their home whenever he was in their town.

Ep. 129: Captain of 50

After Ahab died, his son Ahaziah became king of Israel. A short time later, he broke through a wooden rail and fell to the ground from the second floor of his house. His was seriously injured, so he said to his servants. “Go ask the god Baal-zebub if I’ll recover from this.”

Ep. 092: Sparing God’s Anointed

Saul once again took 3,000 of his best warriors and went after David. That night they set up camp beside the road. David heard where they were, so he went there during the night. Saul was asleep in the middle of the camp with his men circled around him. Next to him was Abner, the…
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Ep. 090: Corner of Saul’s Robe

Saul started chasing David from place to place. At one point, they came to a large rock formation. David and his men were on one side, and Saul’s army was on the other. If Saul had gone a little farther, he would’ve seen David and been able to get him. Just then a messenger went…
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Ep. 089: Running from Saul

David escaped from Saul with only a few men to help him. They went to Ahimelech, the priest who was in charge of the Ark of God. The priest said, “Why are you here?” “The king sent me on a special mission. He told me not to tell anyone about where I’m going. I left…
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Ep. 083: Saul’s Disobedience

One day Samuel went to Saul with instructions from God. “The Amalekites attacked my people when I brought them out of Egypt. Therefore, go to battle with them and destroy everything. Kill all the people and all of their livestock. Don’t leave anything alive.” So Saul took his army and attacked the Amalekites. He defeated…
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Ep. 074: Boaz and Ruth

At the end of harvest, Naomi said to Ruth, “I am going to make sure you’re cared for. Here’s what you’re to do. Take a bath and put on some perfume. Dress in your best clothes. Boaz and his men will be working late tonight at the threshing floor. When they’re done, they’ll eat and…
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Ep. 073: Naomi and Ruth

During the time of the judges, a man decided to leave his home in Bethlehem. He took this wife Naomi and their two sons and went to the country of Moab. Things did not go well there. They lived in Moab for ten years. During that time, the man died, the two sons married Moabite…
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