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Equiping You to Share the Gospel of Christ

Ep. 144: Jonah and the Fish

The Lord said to Jonah the prophet, “Leave right now and go to Nineveh. You’re to tell them I’m going to judge them because of their wickedness.”

Ep. 100: Building an Empire

David established his kingdom and defended it from the nations around him. Finally there was peace in Israel. He then started thinking about building a Temple for the Lord. One day he said to the prophet of God, “I live in a beautiful palace, while the Ark of God remains in a tent!” The prophet…
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Ep. 078: Ebenezer

The people of Israel slowly turned back to God. This was a process that took twenty years. Finally Samuel said, “If it’s true you want to serve God, get rid of all your idols. Dedicate yourself to the Lord and serve him only. Do this, and he’ll give you victory over the Philistines.” The people…
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Ep. 077: Ark of God Returned

After the Philistines captured the Ark of God, they put it in the temple of their god. The next morning, they found their idol face down in front of the Ark. They set the idol back up, but the next morning it was on the ground again. This time, the head and hands were broken…
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Ep. 071: Prelude to War

Once, during the time of the judges, civil war broke out throughout the nation of Israel. All the tribes united against the tribe of Benjamin and almost eliminated them. It all started with a woman leaving a man. A certain Levite got a woman to become his concubine. One day she left him and went…
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Ep. 070: Grandson of Moses

During the time of the Judges, a man named Micah stole 1,100 pieces of silver from his mother. Suddenly he found out that she had put a curse on whoever took it. So he gave it back. She said, “Oh, son. I didn’t know it was you. I was going to give it to you…
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Ep. 069: Samson and Delilah

In time, Samson fell in love with a woman named Delilah. When the Philistines found out about this, a group of their leaders met with her. They said, “Each of us will pay you 1,100 pieces of silver if you can find out the secret of his strength. Once we know that, we’ll be able…
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Ep. 065: Jephthah’s Vow

Jephthah’s mother was a prostitute, but his father was a prominent man in Israel. Jephthah was raised in his father’s house, but when his half brothers were old enough they said, “Get out! You’re not a son of our mother, and you’re not going to inherit anything from our father.” So Jephthah left the area.…
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Ep. 064: King of Trees

Gideon and his many wives produced seventy sons. He also had a son by a concubine in the town of Shechem. His name was Abimelech. After the death of Gideon, Abimelech went to his uncles in Shechem. He said, “Talk to the officials of the city and say, ‘Do you want the seventy sons of…
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Ep. 063: Three Hundred Men

Gideon gathered a troop of 32,000 men. He took them and camped south of the Midianites. The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men with you. If I give the Midianites to you now, Israel will say, ‘We won this victory by our own power.’ Tell them, ‘If you’re afraid, go home.’ ”…
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