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Ep. 129: Captain of 50

After Ahab died, his son Ahaziah became king of Israel. A short time later, he broke through a wooden rail and fell to the ground from the second floor of his house. His was seriously injured, so he said to his servants. “Go ask the god Baal-zebub if I’ll recover from this.”

Ep. 092: Sparing God’s Anointed

Saul once again took 3,000 of his best warriors and went after David. That night they set up camp beside the road. David heard where they were, so he went there during the night. Saul was asleep in the middle of the camp with his men circled around him. Next to him was Abner, the…
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Ep. 056: Achan

Before conquering Jericho, Joshua had made it clear to the people, “Be careful! Don’t take anything that is set aside for the Lord, or you will be set aside for destruction.” One of the soldiers that went into Jericho that day was a man named Achan. There he saw a bag of silver coins, a…
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Ep. 050: Balaam’s Donkey

The Israelites camped in the valley of Moab, next to the Jordan River across from Jericho. The king of Moab was a man named Balak. He was terrified when he saw the great mass of people in his valley. He had heard what they’d done to other kings. He said to the Midianites, “These people…
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Ep. 048: Korah’s Rebellion

As Israel went back into the wilderness, four men decided to set things straight concerning Moses and Aaron. The leader was Korah, from the tribe of Levi. They formed a group of two hundred fifty prominent men and went to Moses. They said, “You’ve taken your authority too far. We’re a holy nation. The Lord…
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Ep. 024: Leaving Laban

Jacob wanted to have a private conversation with his two wives, so they met out in the field. He said to them, “I worked hard for your father, even though he changed our deal ten times. The Lord protected me, and every time Laban changed our agreement, God changed how the lambs were born. Now…
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