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Equiping You to Share the Gospel of Christ

Ep. 115: Building the Temple

Solomon knew it was his responsibility to build the Temple of the Lord. Therefore, he gathered a large work force and provided them all the materials they needed. He got cedar from King Hiram of Lebanon, who had been a friend of David, his father.

Ep. 099: Moving the Ark

The Ark of God had been ignored during Saul’s reign as king. So David decided to bring it to his new capital. He sent a message throughout Israel inviting them to come join him for this great event. The people agreed that this was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow God’s instructions…
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Ep. 077: Ark of God Returned

After the Philistines captured the Ark of God, they put it in the temple of their god. The next morning, they found their idol face down in front of the Ark. They set the idol back up, but the next morning it was on the ground again. This time, the head and hands were broken…
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