Ep. 022: Jacob’s Two Wives

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Ep. 022: Jacob’s Two Wives

Jacob started his journey to his mother’s country. His father had said, “You’re not to marry a Canaanite woman. Go back to your mother’s family and find a wife there. May God give you the blessings he promised Abraham!”
Jacob traveled all day. That night, he slept on the ground, using a rock for a pillow.
During the night he dreamed he saw a ladder that went up to Heaven. There were angels going up and coming down! He saw the Lord standing above the ladder saying, “I’m the Lord God of Abraham and your father Isaac. I’m giving this land to you and your descendants. All the earth will be blessed because of them! I’m with you and will watch over you as you go. I’ll bring you back to this land.”
Suddenly Jacob woke up and was afraid. He said, “Oh, … God is here and I didn’t know it! This is the house of God and the doorway to Heaven!”
He took the rock he had used as a pillow and used it to build an altar. He poured oil on it and called the place Bethel, which means “the house of God.” He said, “If God watches over me, and provides for me, and brings me back to this land, then he’ll be my God, and I’ll give him a tenth of all he gives to me.”
Jacob traveled on to the home of his mother’s brother. His uncle Laban received him with joy.
Now Laban had two daughters. The oldest was Leah, and the youngest was Rachel – who was beautiful.
At the end of a month, Laban said to Jacob, “Work for me and I’ll give you wages. What’s your price?”
Jacob said, “I’ll work for you seven years for your younger daughter Rachel.”
Laban agreed and said, “It’s a deal!”
So Jacob worked for Laban seven years, and it seemed like a few days because of his great love for Rachel.
At the end of that time, Laban invited people to a wedding feast. At the appropriate time, he brought his daughter and gave her to Jacob. It wasn’t until morning that Jacob realized his uncle had given him Leah, the oldest daughter.
He was furious! He went to Laban and said, “Why did you deceive me? You know I love Rachel! I served you seven years for her.”
Laban said, “In our country, a younger daughter isn’t allowed to marry until the older one is married. But, this is what we can do. Fulfill Leah’s bridal week, and then I’ll give you Rachel and she can also be your wife. It’ll only cost you another seven years of work.”
So Jacob agreed, and after seven days, he married Rachel as well.


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