Ep. 018: Selling The Birthright

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Ep. 018: Selling The Birthright

After Sarah died, Abraham married a woman named Keturah. Together they had six sons. Years later, when Abraham knew he was going to die, he gave gifts to Keturah and her sons, and sent them away to the land of the East. He then gave everything he owned to Isaac.
Abraham died when he was 175 years old. Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the same cave where Sarah was buried.
After twenty years of marriage, Isaac prayed for his wife because she was unable to have children. God answered his prayer and Rebekah became pregnant with twin boys.
Near the end of her term, she felt like there was fighting inside her womb. She was in so much pain that she prayed, “Oh God, what is happening to me?”
The Lord said, “You have two nations inside of you. Two people groups will come from your womb. One will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”
At the time of birth, the oldest baby was red and covered with hair. They named him Esau, which means “hairy.”
His brother was born holding on to Esau’s heel. They named him Jacob, which means, “heel.” Isaac was sixty years old when the boys were born.
As a man, Esau became skilled as an outdoorsman, which included hunting. Jacob was quiet, and preferred to stay home. Rebekah loved Jacob, but Isaac loved the taste of wild game, so he favored Esau.
One day, Esau came home exhausted from a trip. He found Jacob cooking a pot of stew. He said, “I’m tired and hungry. Give me some of that red stew.”
Jacob said, “I’ll trade my stew for your birthright.”
“That’s a deal! My birthright won’t do me any good if I die of hunger. Now give me the stew, I want the whole pot.”
Jacob said, “No. You must first swear an oath that you’re giving me your birthright.”
“I swear to you. The birthright is yours.”
With that, Jacob gave his brother an entire meal of bread, stew, and drink. Esau ate and drank heartily, and then got up and left.
From then on, it was said of Esau, “He despised his birthright.” Also, people referred to him as “Edom,” which means “Red.” This was because of the value he placed on that red stew.


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