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Equiping You to Share the Gospel of Christ

Ep-003 – The Fall

God created Adam and Eve and provided all they needed in the Garden of Eden. Like the animals, they had no need of clothes, yet they were not ashamed. The snake was most clever of all the animals. One day he said to Eve, “Is it true God won’t let you eat from all the…
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Ep-002 – Adam and Eve

Imagine the earth when it was new – before the plants had come up. In those days, God hadn’t yet allowed it to rain on the earth, but caused a mist to come each day to water the land. During this time, God took some soil and shaped the first man. He breathed into his…
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Ep-001 – Creation

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was lifeless, empty, and dark. Then the Spirit of God moved across the vast emptiness. He said, “Let there be light.” Suddenly light shone around the entire sphere of the earth! God looked at the light, and said, “That’s good.”