"When it is said that God's grace and God's wrath are two sides to his nature, it does not mean that God has a good side and an evil side. The love of God is a righteous love, and the anger of God is a righteous anger. There is no more evil in God's wrath than there is in his grace."


Learning God’s Word, God’s Law & the good news about Jesus Christ – believe the gospel

Welcome to GRACE AND WRATH, a podcast that aims to encourage and equip you with tools and tips you can use to effectively reach other people in your life with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. Your host, “Brother” Mark, brings a very diverse set of interests and life experiences to the podcast and combines his unique perspective about life’s triumphs, trials & tribulations with candid and often funny commentary. Mark makes the subject of evangelism both fun and engaging while helping teach how to be a better witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ray Comfort - The Evidence Bible

The Evidence Bible…

Ray Comfort’s The EVIDENCE BIBLE is one of the best, most comprehensive resources for Bible study and evangelism.  We refer to it regularly for this podcast.  We encourage everyone that is serious about studying Christian evangelism and fulfulling the great commission to add this book to their library.

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